Friday, 4 March 2016

Importance of Headstones

In today's western culture we often forget to remember our ancestors' experiences and their impact on our lives. A grave can provide a peaceful resting place for our mortal bodies and, for friends and family, a place to commemorate and honour the decedents. The design of a headstones should be a thoughtful process and include the family's input to create a personalized and individual result. A well-crafted monument can be of great help to provide a tranquil place to remember our loved ones.

Nowadays, a large percentage of headstones are mass produced. This creates a certain standard and uniformity, which can be seen on larger cemeteries where most headstones are of similar sizes, colors and inscriptions. However, there are some monumental masons who still design and craft their own headstones. In this case, the deceased's family's input is very important, because it helps to create a unique monument which honours the life of their loved one. Sometimes, choosing a local stone can also be important to the families. 

When choosing a headstone, there are several different options. First of all, the materials need to be chosen - for example, the colour and type of stone (e.g. granite, marble or limestone) and any additional materials such as inlays or lettering. The selection of shape and size is also important and is sometimes regulated by the cemeteries. Some people choose a headstone from a catalogue, but existing designs can usually also be altered. Another option would be to have a headstone designed and crafted by a monumental mason, which would result in the most unique and personalized monument.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

What is Headstone?

When a person is cremated or buried some cultures use a marker to identify who is buried there. This marker is called a memorial, headstone, gravestone or tombstone. There are many styles and shapes for headstones. Some are just plaques that are put on the lawn while others are tall monuments that can be over 1.2m high.

The most preferred material for gravestones is granite while the older headstones are mostly made of marble due to the softness of the stone. Headstones can be purchased from monumental masons. Some of them specialize on sculpting very artistic and individualized tombstones. These are made to a given budget so that the monumental mason can define the size, detail and material. Cemetery bylaws are also an influential part for planning a headstone.